Monday, March 5, 2012

Don't douche-up my room!

I have my own room in our house.

And why shouldn't I?
Our children each have their own rooms.
My husband has his basement.

Why shouldn't I have my own space for my private thoughts and my emotional expression?

I should.  And I do.
And it's lovely.

I resent having invited an unappreciative and undeserving soul to sleep in my precious space this weekend.  This person left a negativity in my home that's hung in the air ever since they left this morning.  I feel as if my sacred space was entirely unappreciated, and that the person who occupied it was most undeserving.

"'s a place to sleep..."

It's not just a place to sleep.  It is my calm from the storm.  It is the place where I hide from negativity and sadness.  It is a happy place.  It is my place.
Offering you my bed in this precious space is a big deal to me.
It only happens if I adore you beyond your comprehension, or if I am utterly obligated to do so...

This weekend, I was obligated...

And the person...sucked.

Sucked the whimsy and peace right out of my room.

Fuck that person.
My space is more than just "a place to sleep."   The way
 that person was more than just an asshole.

Here's the five-cent tour.  Click to large-ify.  Enjoy :)  

My rainbow jungle :)  


Birds.  Since my husband is a cruel a-hole
and won't let me get a real bird.  I'll probably die...


Where all the leftover paint goes.  Yes, that's an elliptical.
Yes, I use it.  Yes, I use it for more than painting on...

And, finally...
Just in case another asshole is invited to
sleep in my private sanctuary.
I thought it was a lot more peaceful, and much
more whimsical in spirit than something

*** It's worth mentioning that I found that quote on pinterest.   Along with five jillion other things that are adorable and fun, but that I will never get around to actually making, since I spend all my time on pinterest.  If someone sends you an invite, don't go.  It's horrible.  Your house will fall apart and you will get swamp-ass from sitting in front of your computer all day...

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