Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Colors of Madness

Yesterday I flung paint wildly at the wall. Stripes of blue and pink and green, haphazardly smeared in swoops and swirls, changing the blank canvas of the wall into a cornicopia of colors and shapes. Spatters of red, angry and sharp, amidst the gentle billowy curls of pink. Blues and greens mashed into bruised globs, turning themselves over and over again, into a black mass, and escaping into single colors again at the edges .
I flung my lonliness and frustration in wet orbs against the plaster, watched as the emptiness exploded awash with color.

Today, I blot gently over the fresh wounds, small, controlled circles of thick white paint, leaving barely a faint stain of yesterday's madness.

My canvas is fresh again. And ready for my next hysterical outburst.

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