Saturday, September 1, 2012

Soul sickness

I am tired.  Thoughts lately are a mess of pictures and noises, occasionally coming together to form something tangible, and mostly darting about like little frightened fish, in the sea of my consciousness.
My body aches.  It feels less like a body now, and more like an over-sized suit, from which I cannot escape.
I want to hide, and all the while feel ever further compelled to seek out the companionship of people who don't yet feel this way, wondering, will they rub off on me, or will I rub off on them?
It feels as if I'm starting to forget.  And to remember...


  1. Yep I know what you mean on most of that but , my body is punishing me for the way I once treated it. Just keep moving Sugar you will get to the other side. Just remember your just as good as you ever were just not as fast.
    Oh and as for the companionship thats a great thing to have just becarefull you dont rub the wrong part off! Love you

    1. I want to take off this clunky skin-suit and be light again. I'm tired. And I want to go home. :/